Face Characters

Hello! This is a blog dedicated to Disney's face characters and cosplay! Please feel free to submit!

I do not own any of these photos, unless said otherwise.

Thanks to fortheloveofdisneyworld for the icon!

Anonymous asked: Do you know any Asian Disney Charcters?


Like face characters, or characters in general?  The only Asian face characters I can think of are the characters from Mulan, but if you just mean in general, this disney wikia has a good list. 

Frozen Cosplayers from Anime boston 2014 [X]

Elsa | Anna | Rapunzel | Kristoff | Hans

(Source: the-frozen-fjords, via alicecomedies)

pizzasavestheday asked: Do you know how disney feels about scars? I have one on my cheek. Do you think they'll be able to cover it with make up or will I not be hired?


If it can be covered with makeup, you should be fine. Give it a shot! 

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